Feedback policy


Lightsource bp is committed to developing and operating all its solar projects to the highest standards for the entire lifespan of the project – before, during and after construction. In that regard, we are committed to ensuring compliance with the Australian Standard on Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling on organisations ISO 10002:2006.

How we handle your comments and feedback

  1. You can register your comments about a specific project via the projects page on the website.
  2. Lightsource bp maintains a register to enable it to track and respond to feedback and ultimately improve its standards.
  3. The project register is developed in accordance with the Lightsource bp Code of Conduct and is available to view publicly to ensure transparency of the process.
  4. Lightsource bp will acknowledge receipt of any feedback within 24 hours by email and expect a formal response within 10 working days of the acknowledgement.
  5. If you are not satisfied with our response, you should contact us again and we will review the decision.
  6. If you are still not satisfied, you can then contact the relevant entity in your region:


EWON (Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW)

EWOQ (Energy & Water Ombudsman QLD)

EWOSA (Energy & Water Ombudsman SA)

EWOWA (Energy & Water Ombudsman WA)

EWOV (Energy & Water Ombudsman Victoria)

Energy Ombudsman Tasmania