Welcome to the era of clean power

As solar and wind generation surges, fossil fuel sources of electricity have plateaued. For the power sector, 2022 could have been the year of peak emissions, according to the carbon think-tank Ember.

Ember generation graph

Wind and solar made up a 12% share of global electricity production in 2022 generating 19% more than the year before. At the same time, coal and gas-fired power plateaued and a small decrease is expected this year as well.

The report compared what happened in 2022 to what the International Energy Agency’s pathway to limiting global heating to 1.5°C demands. Solar’s growth rate of 24% was just short of the 25% required. But as the report notes, that gets harder to maintain as the sector matures.

Things will need to move faster. So far, that’s what we have already been delivering with year-on-year developed assets growing by double the rate of growth in the solar sector as a whole.

Faster growth is possible. We’re already living it.

Read the full Ember report.

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