Lightsource bp is championing solar at COP28

This year’s COP28 climate conference has begun in Dubai. Lightsource bp, as one of the world’s leading solar power companies, is in attendance to advocate for a crucial role for solar power in the energy transition.

Limiting average global temperature increases to 1.5°C will require immediate action and bold collaboration. Between 30 November and 12 December, we will take up the conversation with governments, business and civil society to discuss how low-cost, low-carbon solar can be at the centre of the solution.

We’re in Dubai to share our expertise in solar energy, showcasing a decade of progress and to amplify the solar industry’s voice. Our participation in COP28 underscores our dedication to driving positive change in the energy sector and contributing to a sustainable future.

We believe that through sustainable and responsible solar power projects, the world can begin to address the complex and interwoven global issues of climate change, energy security, and affordable power.

Adam Pegg, Managing Director APAC

Francis Mann, Government Affairs Lead

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