Lightsource Foundation raises a huge £1 million

Lightsource bp is extremely proud to announce that the Lightsource Foundation has exceeded all expectations by reaching our ambitious goal of one million pounds in fundraising! This bold target has been achieved earlier than expected, which not only demonstrates our commitment to making a positive impact but also underlines the immense dedication of our team members.

The Lightsource Foundation was founded in 2014, by partnering with World Vision UK to support communities in urgent need of support. Back in 2014, we could not have imagined the huge impact we would have had on the communities in Cambodia and Nepal that we have supported.

Between 2014-2021, the focus of the foundation was to the people and communities in Koas Krala, Cambodia. Our long-term projects were designed to work alongside the community as they develop and transform their everyday life and their future, addressing the biggest challenges they face, including child protection, education, health and nutrition. Then since 2021, we have been doing the same in Sarlahi, one of the poorest provinces of Nepal.

When the foundation started in 2014, we were only in the UK market, as Lightsource bp has grown to 19 regions, our charity efforts have also extended across the globe. This achievement, like all others, has only been possible thanks to the passion and hard work of our incredible team members.

Although all members of the team contribute to the success of Lightsource Foundation, this would not be possible without the enthusiasm of the Lightsource Foundation committee, in particular Dani Williams and Nadine Wild who have co-chaired the foundation over the past 6 years.

Nick Boyle, Group CEO, initiated the creation of the Lightsource Foundation, and the corporate partnership with World Vision UK, which was a new concept at the time for both parties and the wider industry. Nick remains a key driver in the foundation’s success and having visited the communities in both Cambodia and Nepal comments:

“To reach £1 million raised by the Lightsource Foundation is beyond our wildest dreams and an achievement I am fiercely proud of.

“The difference the money has made, is currently making, and will make in the future cannot be stressed enough. The impact of the fundraising on the communities we support is life changing in every sense of the word — and it’s all down to our people.

“Our team members have continued to support the foundation time and time again. As a team of over 1,200, the scale of the money raised is a true testament to the generosity of our people. I can’t wait to see what we achieve next.”

For more information and updates on the Lightsource Foundation, please visit our website.

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