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Joined 2017, USA – I’ve been with Lightsource bp since the company first launched in the US. Having spent the majority of my career working for clean energy startups, I viewed Lightsource bp as the perfect combination of an exciting and fast-paced startup-like environment with an established culture and a strong track record of success. But what attracted me most was the talent of the team and the scale of the opportunity – how could I pass up a company with its sights set on being the leading solar developer in the world?

My favorite part about working at Lightsource bp is the incredible impact that we’re having in the fight against climate change. It’s really fulfilling to come to a job every day that aligns so closely with my core values and to work with colleagues who are similarly motivated.

It’s been an incredible journey from the small handful of us working out of a coworking space in San Francisco without a single project to our name (back then we were just Lightsource!) to a rapidly-growing company developing gigawatts of solar every year in the US alone (and even more globally).

The partnership with bp has afforded Lightsource bp the ability to move quickly and aggressively to grow our business. With an expanding international footprint, we can leverage our diverse talent pool and global relationships with partners, customers, and suppliers to deliver competitive and high-quality projects. But, ultimately, it’s the people and culture that set Lightsource bp apart. The energy, enthusiasm, and passion that existed in that original coworking space still radiate throughout the organization today.

Patrick Woods, Vice President, Business Development, USA


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