Passion for power, Arun's story

Joined 2017, India – When I joined Lightsource bp, I was one of the first overseas project managers for the company, originally based in India and working on projects in Maharashtra. My move to Lightsource bp came after I had been in the renewables industry for a few years, building utility-scale solar across Asia-Pacific. My care for the planet has been the driving force for my career in the renewables sector. I am proud to deploy alternative energy systems that reduce the degradation of our planet. I am now building Lightsource bp’s largest Australian project to date.

I started working for the company before we entered into a joint venture with bp – a lot changed, from the company name to our reach and scope, but the company’s innovative, caring and rewarding culture has stayed the same. It’s a huge part of why I joined, and why I still love working here.

As a company, one of our Core Values is Safety, and my role as a project manager means that I’m responsible for upholding our commitments to Health, Safety and the Environment at every stage, from conception to connection! It’s a fast-paced, challenging role with plenty to keep me occupied, and I’m never bored!

The role at Lightsource bp has been an adventure for me since day one, I have been able to travel to different countries and see the places where our sites are making a difference. Outside of work I love travelling and seeing new places so the role and atmosphere at the company has always been a match for me. I am proud to be a part of this company and contribute towards their purpose of bringing solar power to the world.

Arun Vijayakumar, Senior Project Manager, Australia

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