Safely delivering solar, Sajid's story

Joined 2021, Australia – My career at Lightsource bp began in early 2021, when I joined the Australian team as an Asset Manager. As an Electrical & Computer Systems Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the operations and maintenance of renewable energy developments and my previous role as an asset manager at AGL Energy, I was able to hit the ground running from day one.

I take pride in playing a key role in the shift towards a more sustainable energy system for the future. Being responsible for the whole project or portfolio throughout an entire lifecycle is a big responsibility but it is one that excites me and I take great pride in. Of course, this requires a significant amount of knowledge and understanding to recognise any areas where I can improve a site’s operation.

I love the non-technical aspects of my role too, managing relationships with key stakeholders such as landowners, governments and contractors. As well as the energy markets and offtakers, this gives me the opportunity to meet people and understand the wider impact of the sites we build and manage.

Transforming the energy systems across the world is something I have believed possible for a long time now. As a huge believer of ‘you create your own universe’ through hard work and positivity, I am passionate about the energy transition. I regularly practice manifestation by visualising, feeling and believing that I’ve already achieved the goal. I used to do this with large scale solar farms and what do you know, I am now walking past a 200MWp solar farm that I manage.

Beyond the world of solar I enjoy exploring new places and having new experiences. This is why the job at Lightsource bp is so fulfilling, the team dynamic and culture is fast moving, innovative and the boundaries are always pushed. I think this is only something you can create by bringing on board a diverse pool of talent that all offer their own expertise and perspective helping drive innovation. I am lucky enough to wake up each morning excited to get to work, to push boundaries and grow as a team.

Sajid Mahmud, Asset Manager, Australia

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