Dungense Polder and Kloosterstraat solar

Key numbers

8.5 u0026 9.5MWp

(Megawatt peak) installed capacity

2399 and 2646

households are supplied with electricity annually (equivalent)

1150 and 1268

tons CO2 savings per year, equivalent to 1,050 large family cars

Current status

Location survey and design


Licensing procedure

Construction preperation


In operation

Recovery work

At the beginning of 2021, the municipality of Hertogenbosch issued a tender for 100 hectares of solar fields. Lightsource bp has registered for this with two plans, Dungense Polder and Kloosterstraat solar projects. In October 2021 we were awarded the planning cooperation of the municipality.

In the first phase, the municipality allocated approx. 53ha to nine initiatives, of which two locations with a total surface area of ​​approx. 15ha belong to Lightsource bp.

The two Lightsource bp initiatives were chosen for their location, scalability and core capabilities.

Our proposals

The initiatives transform the area into a multifunctional area with a more natural character by applying different types of greenery: thicket hedges, bushes, flowery grassland, natural banks and wider waterways. Nature is benefitted through habitat space and a safe agricultural landscape.

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