Technopark solar

Key numbers


(Megawatt peak) installed capacity


households are supplied with electricity annually (equivalent)


tons CO2 savings per year

Current status

Location survey and design


Licensing procedure

Construction preparation


In operation

Recovery work

In April 2019, the municipality of Sluis launched a competition for the development of two solar fields in Breskens and Schoondijke. This applied to two decommissioned parts of the business parks, Deltahoek in Breskens (2 hectares) and Technopark in Schoondijke (2.1 hectares).

At the end of May 2019, Lightsource bp submitted a proposal for the development of the Technopark solar field, consisting of a landscape plan and a proposal for financial participation. On 17 July 2019, Lightsource bp was designated by the board of mayor and aldermen of the municipality of Sluis as the developer of the Technopark solar project.

Our proposal is based on the results of studies into ecology, archeology and landscape values. The landscape and planting plan drawn up considers the local recreational and green structure, sight lines and biodiversity.

A press release was sent to the local media about the project.

Our proposal

The submitted proposal will be finalised based on the information session and the results of the latest soil and archaeology surveys.

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