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Lightsource bp is a global leader in utility-scale solar development and management. We power businesses and communities across the US with clean and affordable energy solutions.

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At Lightsource bp, we’ve been developing utility-scale solar projects since 2010. We build, own and operate cost-effective, clean energy projects, and are dedicated to pushing the frontiers of solar and storage solutions, backed by world-class execution capabilities. Together with our 50:50 joint venture partner bp, we are reimagining energy and enacting real change on the energy landscape, not just in the USA, but all over the world.

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Solar grazing is bringing new hope to America’s farmers

As America’s family farmers and ranchers face increasing economic stress, opportunities to partner with solar farms are providing new income streams and in many cases, the ability to expand their operations. Even better, solar shepherds are fighting climate change and promoting healthy landscapes while they maintain vegetation under and around the solar panels.


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See how we are accelerating our country's transition to a low-carbon future through our utility-scale solar projects.

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Our wide range of energy solutions provide cost-effective end-to-end offerings designed to fit your needs.

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Our solar projects don’t just generate clean electricity, but also benefit the local economy and ecosystem.

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