To celebrate the first year of our partnership with BP, we’ve asked team leaders across the globe to reflect back on the past twelve months.

Emilie Wangerman, Director of Origination

I have had the pleasure of leading the U.S. Lightsource and BP collaboration since our partnership was announced. It has been an exciting opportunity to work with numerous teams across BP and has opened many new opportunities for both BP and Lightsource.

To start, on a daily basis I work together with BP’s Power Origination team, and members of the Treasury team, to evaluate opportunities to collaborate on solar power generation across the U.S. Our team also partners with the Vice President of the BP’s Alternative Energy, to connect with his vast BP network and look for ways to create bundled alternative energy products, such as wind plus solar. More recently, I have been working with the Air BP team, co-marketing bundled clean energy and fuel products to local airports and airlines across the U.S. Additionally, our U.S. Lightsource BP team is regularly coordinating with C&EA and Remediation Management to identify possibilities for Lightsource BP to power BP facilities with large-scale on and offsite solar and storage.

In all, the U.S. Lightsource BP and BP teams have already collaborated on the evaluation of over 100 U.S. solar projects, in just 11 months. We are creating a long-lasting alliance and I look forward to continuing to create synergies across our product lines. Together we have the shared vision of global leadership in providing affordable, reliable, and low carbon power.