Accelerating decarbonisation with first ever battery energised 

Lightsource bp has energised the first battery project of its multi-gigawatt global energy storage pipeline. The past two years has seen the company embed storage expertise across many facets of the business, enabling rapid scaling of energy storage opportunities to support the 60GW of solar currently being developed worldwide by Lightsource bp.

The launch of the storage pipeline begins with the 25MW/50MWh Tiln battery project, accompanying Lightsource bp’s 61MWp Tiln solar project, in Lincolnshire, UK, which is now also energised. This represents the next phase of the company’s mission to facilitate decarbonisation and a renewable-dominated grid in the UK and beyond.

The battery model selected has sophisticated safety and design features which are a marked improvement on earlier generations of battery energy storage safety systems, demonstrating Lightsource bp’s commitment to upholding safety as a core value.

The Tiln battery is co-located with the solar project, sharing grid connection infrastructure. The project is anticipated to participate in both traded markets and the provision of ancillary services which are critical to grid stability. This facilitates deeper penetration of renewables and greater flexibility, while improving energy security. Large-scale batteries like this provide a wide range of applications, including optimising renewable generation, stabilising the grid, and meeting the urgency for more sustainable power without the need to wait for grid updates, all while helping to lower costs for consumers.

Miguel Vega, Director of Business Development, EMEA at Lightsource bp, says: “Energy storage can help renewables to take a central role in the world’s electricity networks. Developing our talented teams to deliver gigawatts of storage and solar in tandem means Lightsource bp is ready to hit the ground running as a global developer of energy storage. It’s imperative that renewables, with solar at the forefront, are established as the backbone of low-carbon energy systems. Incorporating storage solutions ensures that clean, sustainable energy is accessible whenever and wherever it is needed.”

Declan Keiley, Head of Development for UK & Ireland at Lightsource bp, says: “The Tiln battery project is the result of years of hard work from dedicated experts across our team, By integrating batteries into the grid, we’re not only increasing the share of renewables, but are actively shaping a sustainable future. With planning permission secured for additional projects in the UK and globally, our commitment to expanding energy storage is well underway.”

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