Codes of conduct and Speak Up

We are committed to Lightsource bp being the ‘go to’ trusted solar development partner by acting with integrity – towards our team members, communities where we work, business partners and all other stakeholders.

Code of business conduct and ethics

Lightsource bp’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is one of the ways we put our values into practice. The Code is intended to help us safeguard our safety, reputation and financial well-being. It is a must-read and a must-follow for all of our team membersfamiliarise yourself with the Code to learn about the basic expectations we have of each other, and our commitment to Lightsource bp’s culture of safety, ethics and compliance. 

Code of business conduct and ethics for counterparties

Lightsource bp’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Counterparties sets out our expectations for our counterparties, including but not limited to joint venture partners, developers, co/joint developers, vendors, contractors, customers, land agents, service providers, consultants and their employees, as well as any contingent labour, and any sub-contractors our counterparties engage while providing services to us or on our behalf. We want our counterparties to strive for sustainability in all aspects of their business, and innovation and excellence in their delivery. Please read the Code to find out more.

Speak Up

Our Speak Up policy is focused on raising concerns about misconduct. Anyone (internal or external) can Speak Up about misconduct and can use our Speak Up channels. Speaking up is critical to help us learn, improve, and live up to our company values and foster a safe environment both within the company and in the communities in which we work.

We all have responsibility to Speak Up immediately or as soon as possible when you see, experience or suspect misconduct, which includes allegations about:
  • breaches of laws
  • regulations
  • our Code
  • other Lightsource bp policies and requirements, or
  • behaviour that’s inconsistent with our values
There are a variety of channels to communicate openly, confidentially, or anonymously (where the law allows), which include speaking to:
  • a line manager,
  • a senior manager,
  • a support function (HR, Legal, E&C, HSE), or
  • our Code Helpdesk (provided by an external third party called Ethico)


Every Speak Up report will be taken seriously. All concerns raised through Lightsource bp’s Speak Up channels will be assessed and maintained confidentially to the fullest extent possible, subject to need-to-know business practices and legal requirements. All concerns will be addressed appropriately; this may include conducting an investigation or taking other relevant business action.

We do not tolerate acts of retaliation against those who Speak Up in good faith or cooperate in an investigation and will take appropriate actions to address it when we learn that it has occurred. We encourage our team members, leaders, partners, and subcontractors to raise concerns about anything that gets in the way of good business and ‘doing the right thing’.

Clean energy means clean business, acting with integrity – everyone, everywhere, every day.