Announcing Lightsource bp’s Sustainability Report 2022

We are proud to have launched our 2022 Sustainability Report. The latest report captures our environmental impact and progress, our ambitions, and how we take social responsibility.
Report highlights include:

  • Outlining our aim to deliver biodiversity net gain, including data on our existing portfolio.
  • Examples of our innovative approaches to multi use solar, including agrivoltaics.
  • Sharing our greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory for Scope 1,2, and 3 emissions and our near-term targets.
  • Reiterating our commitment to improving circularity, including reusing or recycling solar panels in our operating assets.
  • Issuance of our human rights policy, aligned to international standards.

Read the 2022 Sustainability Report

Our commitment to sustainability

In a rapidly changing global energy landscape, we must respond to the climate crisis with the urgency and attention it demands. As such, we are committed to the key areas below, which form our sustainability strategy.

Environmental stewardship

We are going beyond business as usual to enhance ecosystems and biodiversity, take science-based climate action, and improve circularity. Visit Environmental stewardship to read about how we’re decarbonising across our business, protecting ecosystems and minimising waste.


The biggest way we contribute to global sustainability is through responsible solar projects. Visit Energy to discover more about how we are decarbonising the world’s energy landscape.

Social responsibility

We are committed to creating an equitable business that creates a positive social impact for our people, partners, and communities. Visit Social responsibility to find out more about our commitment to people at all levels of our business, from our employees and supply chain, to local communities and Foundation charity.

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