European Power Markets feature

Lightsource bp provides utilities, businesses, and governments opportunities to purchase renewable power with no up-front capital investment.

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy markets across Europe, Lightsource bp’s dedicated team is at the forefront of tailoring innovative solutions which help provide stable revenues for our customers.

There are several factors which set us apart and provide a range of benefits for our customers.

Scale and experience

As a global solar leader, we have been building and growing meaningful partnerships across the energy transition for over a decade.

With more than 8.4GW of solar developed to date across 19 countries and boasting a global team of more than 1,100 industry experts, buyers choose Lightsource bp because they recognise the scope and scale of our global operations and our strong track record of building strong partnerships and delivering high quality, responsibly developed projects.

Innovation and adaptability

At the heart of our success is our innovative and adaptable approach to everything we do. We consistently lead the way in embracing new market trends and technologies, ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest advancements. One example of this is how we’re actively building models to forecast revenues for our battery storage pipeline and assets. Integration of battery storage technologies with our PPA offering is a key part of our strategy, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.


Meeting diverse needs

Across European markets, we specialise in structuring Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for corporates and utilities and supporting participation in government auction schemes. We understand our clients’ sustainability goals and work closely with them to provide tailored solutions to help them achieve their objectives. Our focus on understanding the unique characteristics of each client and their market sets us apart.

This was recently showcased in a ground breaking project with Microsoft in Poland, where we executed the first PPA for both companies in the country. This endeavour required a highly collaborative approach, where we worked closely with Microsoft and meticulously studied the market to develop a tailored solution to meet Microsoft’s specific needs in Poland.

Partner with us

As we navigate the challenges faced by the energy industry, organisations, and governments on the path to decarbonisation, our work in the European energy markets is defined by expertise, innovation, adaptability, and a strong commitment to providing flexible solutions for our customers.

“The Lightsource bp team is there to understand energy markets across Europe and to implement solutions to stabilise revenues. Buyers recognise our scale and have confidence in our ability to deliver.” – Zosia Riesner, Director of Power Markets for EMEA at Lightsource bp.

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