Poetry in motion: enjoy our sheepdog bard’s ode to solar

Lightsource bp is very familiar with what can be achieved through strong partnerships.

Since we began developing solar energy projects in 2010 we’ve loved watching the relationship between solar and agriculture flourishing. In particular, we’ve seen sheep thriving in the shade of our panels.

Lightsource bp understands the importance of supporting the farming community and has always sought out opportunities for dual land use. Sheep farming is one example of this, which is why we were proud to sponsor the World Sheepdog trials in Northern Ireland in September 2023.

At the same time as making a great home for sheep, our renewable electricity enables utilities, corporates and governments to decarbonise, tackling climate change, a major threat to our global agricultural systems. But don’t take it from us.

Watch the lovely sheepdog at the Maes Bach solar farm in Wales, UK, tell you directly how combining sheep grazing and solar is win-win for the planet, through the great tradition of Welsh poetry…

And here’s a reminder of the video from the World Sheepdog trials in Northern Ireland in September 2023

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