Large energy users

The power of solar

The adoption of utility-scale solar power is a critical part in meeting global energy demands and reducing carbon emissions.

Solar power is resilient, reliable, and predictable. As a passive form of technology, it provides local and sustainable electricity that adds security to the world’s energy mix. This, combined with its affordability and reliability every day of the week, makes it an ideal energy source.

Major corporations, cities, universities and other prominent energy consumers are finding new ways to work with their utilities to incorporate utility-scale PV into the local energy mix. These projects enable customers to achieve their sustainability targets and present unique opportunities to demonstrate climate leadership.

How does it work?

Lightsource bp is uniquely positioned to be a full-service long-term solar partner. We integrate in-house development, operational management and asset financing to optimise competitiveness and capture value throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

We design, build, own and operate the solar project and enter into a long-term contract with your business to provide clean, renewable energy for your operations. Your business will consume the electricity and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs – also known in Australia as Large-scale Generation Certificates or LGCs) from our projects via a green Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

What can Lightsource bp offer my business?

With no upfront capital costs, no on-site space required and no operational risk, we're the ideal partner. 1300 873 575

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