Australian utilities are switching to solar

In the past, when utilities made strategic energy planning decisions based on low cost and reliability, solar energy was largely out of reach. Today, the story is dramatically different: solar is now one of the cheapest new forms of electricity across the world, and installed capacity has risen almost exponentially.

Public demand soars, technological hurdles are overcome, procurement costs drop dramatically – solar now competes on price with traditional generation sources, carries minimal operating expenses and offers long-term price certainty.

Typical project structure:

Lightsource bp is uniquely positioned to be a full-service, long-term solar partner. In a typical structure, we develop, finance, build, own and operate the project via a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with the buyer.

We make things simple: no up-front capital required, all aspects of project development, finance and construction performed by us, and lifecycle services provide to maximize power production. 

Our focus is on meeting our customers’ needs, via tailored contract structures.

What can Lightsource bp offer my business?

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