Lifecycle services

An expert partner

Our services differentiate us from many other developers who focus solely on building and selling projects. Because we manage long-term operations, we are fully aligned to design and operate projects for maximum production and efficiency, not compromising on long-term operational excellence in exchange for short-term advantage. Finally, by deploying our full range of world-class services, we are uniquely able to manage every aspect of the client relationship, from design and engineering to long-term Asset Management and O&M, offering clients peace of mind and a long and trusting professional relationship.

A key part of Lightsource bp’s corporate DNA is the emphasis placed on lifecycle services. Our experienced teams of experts provide maintenance and management support to both our own solar assets and those owned by third parties.

Asset management

Performance optimization, contracts and stakeholder management

Lightsource bp’s dedicated asset management is a vital part of ensuring that highly complex solar installations operate as efficiently as possible. Our services matrix compromises a strong focus on:

  • Maintaining plant optimization and accurate stakeholder reporting
  • Contract management from PPA to O&M and EPC to grid connection contracts
  • Compliance for project finance and contract obligations

High-caliber asset managers

We employ a talented, highly skilled and motivated team of asset managers capable of delivering wide-ranging services. Our in-house experts include engineers, financiers, project delivery managers and developers, as well as insurance, energy market and metering specialists.

Operations & Maintenance

Improving solar plant reliability, availability, and efficiency.

Working alongside your teams, we can offer our unparalleled framework, experience, and resources, to guarantee the performance of your assets. From rapid response-times, high standards of service, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Lightsource bp sets the bar for solar and storage O&M.

Diligent maintenance services

We offer our clients a single long-term custodian for their assets, providing a comprehensive service for all aspects of solar O&M, including optimization reviews, performance analysis, regular cleaning, and ground maintenance. Our monitoring and reporting services allow us to proactively address potential performance issues. With more than 200 large-scale projects under maintenance, our experts across all leading solar technologies take a data-driven approach to production optimization, and our O&M services are delivered working side-by-side with our clients’ asset management and service delivery teams to ensure the best individualized approach.

Highly qualified electricians and engineers

Lightsource bp employs each and every field service engineer directly, each of whom take specific responsibility for the site operations. We provide expertise from a range of dedicated support teams, each employing best-in-class technology to evaluate and maximize performance, including technical grid health and safety monitoring performance.

Experienced operations management

The planning and procurement team ensures the engineers’ schedules reflect our clients’ priorities and our contractual obligations. They take responsibility for making sure that all components and equipment are properly deployed. The land management team are responsible for ensuring that each site has a detailed, timetabled plan covering all aspects of land and biodiversity management that respects the planning and lease conditions of the site and reflects agricultural best practice, including drainage, grass and hedgerow maintenance, bird/bat box, mammal gate and wild flower management. The HSQT department ensure the highest degree of operational excellence, in fact, Lightsource bp has attained the prestigious OSHAS18001 standard and we never compromise on maintaining a high-performance environment with safety at its heart.