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In India, we operate exclusively through EverSource Capital, and our in-house team of expert strategists and investment managers are always keen to hear from individuals and entities looking to form strong, lasting partnerships to further renewable investments in India.

We have built successful partnerships with a diverse range of experts, from financiers to developers. We value transparency and honesty in our business and honour our commitments. We are eager to work with partners who hold the same values.

Corporate & Utility Power

Affordable and sustainable energy

We deliver bespoke solar energy solutions to major energy users. Solar power is fast becoming the heart of tailored, distributed generation solutions worldwide due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability, versatility and speed of deployment. Unmatched expertise allows us to offer a fully-funded solution, customised to your needs, where electricity is delivered and billed directly through a power purchase agreement (PPA).


Accelerating the energy transition

Over the years we have built experience and capability in structuring partnerships that deliver. Our commitment invested in our partners remains unrivalled by creating flexible partnerships that work for both parties from lead generation through to long term operations and maintenance. We have experience structuring introducer agreements, portfolio deals, joint ventures, pipeline acquisitions and much more.

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Asset owners

Realising investments

We are industry recognised for deploying the highest standards in the long-term operation of solar PV systems. As a privately-owned company managing most of the transaction process in-house, our decision-making process is swift and streamlined, and we pride ourselves on managing every transaction efficiently. Finance and funding for our projects is secure enabling us to work swiftly through acquisition protocols.

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