A broader reach, Sam’s story

Joined 2020, Ireland – I’ve been aware of Lightsource bp for pretty much my whole career. I have a background in engineering, and in my first role as a technical advisor, my first ever project as a grad was a Lightsource bp project. The company I was working for at that point pretty much grew up alongside Lightsource bp, I got to watch the business develop, and when the time came for me to move on, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Lightsource bp gives me the opportunity to grow my knowledge, spread my wings, and get involved with much more of the project than just one aspect. At Lightsource bp, you’ve got the whole lifespan of the project ahead of you and you can really get to grips with the whole thing.

Even having joined just before lockdown, I’d have to say that the one thing that sets Lightsource bp apart from other companies is the atmosphere. I already had knowledge of the team, I knew they were good, fun people who wanted to affect change in a positive way, working well together. Lots of people I’d worked with in the past had come to Lightsource bp, it appears to me to be sort of an epicentre of all the most talented people I know in the industry.

The other main draw for me is the sheer ambition – we’ve got the biggest targets I’ve ever heard of and the talent to back them up.

One of the things I enjoy most about life at Lightsource bp is the complete broad spectrum of stuff I’ve worked on since I got here. I joined mainly for the opportunity to do “solar at home”, having done a lot of solar worldwide I was excited to be working in Ireland again, but since I got here I’ve done so much more than I thought I would. Yes, we do solar, but we work on so much more besides that. We’re looking into utility-scale solar storage, we’re working on green hydrogen initiatives, we’re constantly searching for ways to optimise solar for the national grid, to make renewable energy better, more efficient, and more effective. We’re going beyond solar to really make a difference, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Sam Toner, Investment Analyst

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