Operations and maintenance

An expert O&M fleet

By trusting Lightsource bp to be your service partner, you secure the services of a team of dedicated experts, supporting all your assets across the entirety of their lifespans. We began providing Operations & Maintenance services to our own assets in 2012, and have since leveraged the deep solar expertise developed over a decade and 3.8GW of operational solar to cultivate an internal O&M capability to ensure maximum returns on the sites we own, and to sites belonging to third-party partners.

Today, Lightsource bp operates over 120 large-scale ground-mount and rooftop solar farms across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, in addition to operating sites in the United States, Spain, and Australia.

Values-driven, sustainable business

Our Core Values of Safety, Sustainability, Integrity, Respect and Drive are central to how we do business, from financing to development, and all the way through the lifecycle of every solar project we operate, be it internally owned or third party.

Lightsource bp is committed to transforming into a climate positive business as we continue to grow, and to maximise the sustainable benefits of our solar projects around the world. As we grow, Lightsource bp will continue to minimise waste, move towards reducing our emissions, protect ecosystems and improve biodiversity.

National geographic reach

One of the key differentiating features of our O&M offering is our extensive geographic reach. Spanning from the four nations, our portfolio covers a significant portion of the country, as does our field team. Lightsource bp field operations teams are strategically located across the country and in most cases, an engineer is no more than 30 minutes from any new site that we onboard.

However, we recognise that geographic reach alone is not enough. We also closely monitor KPIs that directly drive our teams’ behaviours to maximise performance of the plants we manage. This starts with our 365-day-a-year monitoring team, who are measured on their speed to identify and raise faults as fast as possible after occurrence, through to our engineers who are measured on their first-time fix rate to ensure a fast response translates to a fast repair.

Depth of technical expertise

Recognised as one the industry’s leading provider of O&M services for utility-scale plants, Lightsource bp’s strategy from the inception of the O&M business has been to leverage the significant internal experience we have built as a Developer, Owner, and Operator of sites. Where some other O&M providers will often outsource their HV/MV activities and/or Grounds Maintenance, we have dedicated teams which allows us to move quickly to identify, diagnose, and resolve faults, without waiting on subcontractors who often cannot react as quickly.

Lightsource bp ownership mentality

While operations and maintenance (O&M) constitutes a critical part of Lightsource bp’s global business model, we are also an Owner, retaining some of the many GWp of solar assets that we have developed in the last decade. From the beginning, we built our O&M arm to provide the service an Owner wants, not a service driven by the bottom line of the Contractor.

A trusted long-term partner

With exceptional capabilities within solar and the strength of bp as our partner, we bring a proven track record as a dependable long-term partner, alongside our customer-centric philosophy. With our long-term outlook, internal knowledge, global presence, and stable financial backing, we are a bankable partner that can be relied upon to be around in the years to come.

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