Partnerships designed to further Irish sustainability

At Lightsource bp, we’re dedicated to delivering affordable, sustainable solar power to people and communities across Ireland, and we’re proud to work with local businesses and entities to do just that. Our teams have significant experience and capabilities in structuring strong, mutually beneficial partnerships that deliver, time and time again.

We build unrivalled partnerships that work for both parties from lead generation through to long term operations and maintenance. We have experience structuring introducer agreements, portfolio deals, joint ventures, pipeline acquisitions, co-development and much more, and our commitment to safe and ethical business practices means we’re dedicated to making sure we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest possible standards.

Flexible partnerships designed for success

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We’re always eager to talk to introducers about any Irish projects and pipelines with the potential to have an impact on the energy landscape. Our in-house expertise means that we’re ideally positioned to develop projects and pipelines across the country.


We can demonstrate a remarkable track record in developer-led partnerships for over a decade. Our financial engineering and large-scale procurement capability contribute immensely towards getting Irish projects over the line.


We have a long-standing track record with EPCs, from shovel-ready partnerships through to portfolio acquisitions. We pride ourselves in delivering construction finance in realising projects and portfolios, while operating to the very highest standards of safe and ethical business practices.

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We’re the ideal partner for any individual or entity looking to develop sustainable energy projects in Ireland. Our experience of 10+ years in solar development and our global reach allow us to assess opportunities and make decisions quickly, and our ability to move fast gives us the advantage in a highly competitive market.

Lightsource bp is a 50:50 JV with bp which combines the best of both partners; our skills in solar development, financing and management, and with bp’s expertise in global reach, innovation and financial strength. Together, we are perfectly placed to accelerate the growth of solar power worldwide, and deliver affordable and sustainable solar power for businesses and communities across Ireland.