A common purpose, Brian's story

Joined 2015, UK – Before I joined Lightsource bp, I had trained as a General Practice Lawyer in Ireland and had moved to London in 2012 working in the Restructuring and Insolvency team at a city firm on the real estate side. The combination of those experiences has proved invaluable in my time at Lightsource bp given my transactional involvement in our UK and Irish greenfield development businesses and our UK-based land acquisition platform.

For me, the opportunity to join a company like Lightsource bp was an easy one – while the oil and gas majors had yet to fully grasp the seismic shifts that were coming; the reality that renewable energy was breaking away from a cottage industry and going mainstream was clear and the opportunity to align my skillset with that opportunity was too good to miss out on. While the last number of years have seen a number of reinventions and iterations, the company is now incredibly well placed to grasp the opportunities presenting themselves on a global scale.

In terms of what sets us apart, for me it’s the intangible ‘culture’. The company has always prided itself on a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and there is a common purpose engendered within the company that has always allowed the company to set lofty goals and then surpass them. That mentality is set from the top but the company has got to where it is today by facilitating people to take as much responsibility as they are capable of and then matching and exceeding expectations.

The best part of working at a company like Lightsource bp is most certainly the people. It may sound cliched but everyone does get on very well from the top down and the past six years have been filled with memories made in places like Dublin, London, Milan, Rome and Cambodia that will sustain for a lifetime. Given where we are in the renewables journey, I’m even more excited to see what the next decade looks like.

Brian Kelly, Managing Counsel – LPIM Land Acquisition

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