Plans for Solar in Muckerstown Unveiled by Lightsource BP

Lightsource bp to hold community information event for new solar farm proposal in Muckerstown, Ireland

Lightsource, the developer of Ireland’s first ground-mounted solar farm, is inviting residents from the Muckerstown, Fleenstown Lane and surrounding areas to community information events which are being held on Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st of February.  The events will outline Lightsource’s proposals for a solar farm on lands at Muckerstown, just off Fleenstown Lane, which is about 3km south of Ashbourne.

The community information events are being held in Coolquay Lodge, between 6 and 8pm on the 20th of February and at Kilbride Community Centre, between 2 and 8pm on the 21st of February.  Members of the Lightsource planning team will be on hand on both nights to discuss the proposal and to gain local insights.

The proposed solar farm would generate locally-sourced energy for around 11,000 homes, whilst saving 20,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year, the equivalent of taking 4,494 large family cars off the road.*

As well as providing a source of clean energy, the solar farm could also become a haven for local wildlife.  A bespoke Biodiversity Management Plan will be created in advance of submitting a planning application to ensure the most appropriate enhancements are included in the scheme and to make sure that native species benefit from planting, seeding and habitat creation.  Lightsource is also keen to hear from wildlife enthusiasts and local schools who may be interested in being involved with the ongoing monitoring of wildlife on the site.

The proposed design for the solar farm at Muckerstown – with wide field margins and gaps between the rows of panels – will leave around 70 percent of the project site used as open grassland, and more specifically as a grazing pasture for small livestock.

Lightsource developed the first solar farm on the island of Ireland at Belfast International Airport in 2016.  The company currently has 10 solar farms in operation in Northern Ireland.  Lightsource has a number of projects in planning in the Republic of Ireland, including one other project in County Meath which is located near the village of Batterstown.

Barry Wadding, Business Development Manager of Lightsource Ireland said: “Solar energy not only offers clean renewable energy, but also secure, locally-produced energy, which can support Ireland to meet its environmental targets and avoid expensive fines.    

We had excellent feedback at our last public consultation in County Meath.  We have worked closely with local Councillors and were glad to add a second consultation event at their suggestion.  We want plans for the Muckerstown solar farm to be the best fit possible for the local community, which is why we are keen for local businesses, residents and wildlife enthusiasts to come along to the community information events. In addition to gaining feedback, we also want to give residents the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the project or solar energy in general.”

In addition to these public consultation events, Lightsource is keen to hear from residents who would like to consult on the project.  Our project team can be reached at

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