Rebecca Hosking inspires our team this Earth Month

A single day to celebrate the Earth isn’t enough for Lightsource bp. We dedicated the whole of April to our beautiful planet.

Earth Month at Lightsource bp has been a time to reflect on how our solar projects not only displace carbon emissions, but also support agriculture and boost biodiversity at the same time.

One of our highlights from Earth Month was a very special guest speaker, Rebecca Hosking — a regenerative farmer with an incredible story.

From documentary maker to regenerative farmer

Rebecca was a BBC nature documentary maker who was the first woman to film Sir David Attenborough’s iconic BBC documentaries, travelling all over the world to film our natural planet. But Rebecca became disillusioned with the man-made destruction of natural habitats as well as the impact of climate change.

Rebecca took the drastic decision to quit her job as a filmmaker and go back to her roots, running a sheep farm in England using regenerative farming techniques. With no chemicals, heavy machinery or overnight shelter, Rebecca moves her flock periodically across her land, helping the land ‘regenerate’. In Rebecca’s own words: “Regenerative farming means working with natural forces of sun, gravity, water and the wild diversity, right down to the microbes in the soil to restore the land’s health.” You can read a full interview with Rebecca at Champions Speakers.

Inspired and motivated

Our team left the session inspired and motivated to keep delivering responsible solar for our world:

“It was quite eye-opening to learn how the human footprint is impacting our nature preserves. As an individual, I’ve tried to respect my environment by recycling and eliminating waste properly. I’ve heard of regenerative farming and read some articles about it, but I never thought to see if I could find locations near me.

“After the program, I looked up regenerative farmers in Colorado and found one in Boulder about an hour away. I would like to visit the farm this summer and plan to take my niece and her daughter. I love that Lightsource bp is invested in working with our landowners to create biodiversity programs that will continue to repair and heal our lands globally.”

– Gina Maret, HR Operations Manager, Denver

“I keep joining our ‘vibes’ speaker events as they are always so enjoyable. You get to hear from influential, interesting and informative speakers and I always learn something new. This latest session with Rebecca Hosking was so interesting and moving, but also inspiring and informative! We need more people like Rebecca in our lives changing the world for the better. I love that Lightsource bp offers these opportunities to help raise important issues through providing amazing speakers. I’ve learned so much from every session I’ve tuned in to.”

– Carol Bremmer, Marketing & Communications Programme Manager, UK

“I thought the talk was really good. I loved the personal approach she took to speaking to such an important and impactful topic. The context offered on how the media’s coverage of the natural world is often in conflict with the on-the-ground reality was especially stark and poignant given the scale of the BBC’s work.”

– Jack Steele, Development Director, San Francisco

Find out more about vibes

Vibes – Volunteering, Inclusivity, Belonging, Equality and Society – is our programme to safeguard and nurture our culture. Find out more on Our culture and people.

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