Supporting the rural economy through Badminton Horse Trials sponsorship

For the third year running, Lightsource bp was a proud sponsor of one of the world’s leading equestrian events – the Badminton Horse Trials in South Gloucestershire this May. This ongoing sponsorship is the latest instalment of the lengthy history of successful partnership between Lightsource bp and Badminton, with benefits to both sides.

Sponsorships like these form part of our commitment to building lasting relationships with communities and organisations. Lightsource bp is proud to demonstrate the value that renewable energy investment can have for events and entities across rural communities.

The Badminton Horse Trials also provide us with an excellent opportunity to speak with landowners across the UK and beyond about the benefits that solar leases can have for farming businesses. Solar is becoming an increasingly popular option for farmers and landowners – the income is there whatever the weather,, it’s guaranteed for decades and has the added benefit of having significant positive impacts for the land, the local community and the environment.

A solar lease enhances the agricultural use of the land. Solar farms are the perfect place to graze sheep, and many landowners find that renting land for solar means they’re able to make the acres generate two streams of revenue – income from the panels and income from a flock. Solar panels provide shade and shelter for sheep, while the secure fencing offers protection from predation and harassment.

The disruption to the land from the solar panels is minimal, and land is returned to its original state or better when the lifespan of the project is up. There is also research which suggests the quality of soil under solar panels improves during the duration of the project. Combatting climate change, aiding food production, and delivering long-term income, solar is a win-win-win proposition.

Becoming a solar landowner

Allocating a portion of your land to lease for a solar farm opens up a diversified and dependable income stream. Take a look to see if a solar lease with Lightsource bp could work for your business.

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