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Building better globally, Apostolos’ story

Joined in 2018, UK – From the very first interview I was drawn to Lightsource bp, in large part due to the impressive success the company had already achieved in the UK, and the drive and experience of the executive team. I joined the company following the launch of the partnership with bp, and had full confidence in its potential to make a huge difference to the future of the business – I was right.

I’ve worked in the energy sector for over 25 years, and in solar for half of that time, giving me a strong understanding and experience in working with EPC Construction Technical Advisory and IPPS. I’ve got the full picture of power generation having experience in a number of countries across the globe, both from conventional and renewable sources, and I’ve greatly enjoyed bringing that to Lightsource bp.

As with a huge number of roles at the company, I cover a lot of responsibilities not necessarily reflected in my job title. I’ve built teams across the globe, alongside procedures and structures designed to support our incredible growth. We’re strongly focused on HSE, as safety is a core value for Lightsource bp, and I’m proud to be working with dedicated individuals all around the world to safely and responsibly deliver sustainable solar projects for communities across the globe. We operate a “lessons learned” approach – every project we build is better than the previous, and we prioritise relationships with our suppliers based on transparency and mutual respect that allow us to achieve our significantly ambitious goals.

From my point of view, what sets Lightsource bp apart from the competition is our ability to be flexible. We take a strategic approach to each new challenge, swiftly analysing all the issues and taking decisions without wasting time. Over my time at the company we’ve dealt with any number of unforeseen global events, and managed to weather these storms with minimal impact to our projects.

We’re growing at speed, and despite the pressure the company mentality remains the same. We’re a business built on strong relationships and rock solid teams – it’s a pleasure to work with so many people fully dedicated to making the world a better place. I can’t wait to see how our vision evolves, as we work towards our goals.

Apostolos Kotsaris, Construction Director

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