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Why solar?

Landowners and communities across the England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are seeing first-hand the pay off when you lease your land for solar panels. Using a portion of your land to lease for a solar farm opens up a diversified and dependable income stream. Responsibly designed solar can be a partner that supports the success of the UK’s rural communities for generations to come.

With thousands of acres under management, Lightsource bp is increasingly the UK’s trusted partner for people looking to rent land to solar companies that deliver secure, long-term income to landowners. Our approach to landowner partnerships stems from our deep knowledge of the rural economy. We sit down with you to understand your goals and requirements for your land and to explore whether ‘solar as a crop’ is right for you. We also consider closely the needs of the surrounding community and environment.


Why lease your land to Lightsource bp?

Predictable, long-term revenue stream

Our solar projects have lifespans of up to 40 years, and we enter into long-term leases with every landowner. The rental income we offer is paid per acre, and is above standard agricultural lease rates, providing a secure and diversified revenue stream for years to come, helping to keep farms in the family and manage estate planning.

Financial support for your local community

All projects developed by Lightsource bp in the UK are subject to business rates, 100% of which are kept by the Local Authority. The business rates paid on the solar farm on your land could go towards improvements to local services such as schools and community assets, meaning that the project has benefits that go beyond sustainable energy.

Stable and quiet neighbours

Solar projects make quiet, non-intrusive neighbours. A solar farm has a profile of 2 to 4 meters high and are enclosed by fencing and landscaping to minimize visual impacts. There is very little noise generated by a solar project, and the few components that do generate sound are located well away from the site boundaries.

Dual land use

Our solar panels and equipment typically occupy only 40% of the leased land, leaving opportunities for beneficial dual use. The design of the solar farm can incorporate grazing of small livestock like sheep, host pollinator gardens, and more. We pride ourselves on designing the solar installation to accommodate your farming priorities and practices.

Biodiversity and land management plans

Our projects are in place for up to 40 years, with less than 2% of land disrupted by infrastructure, providing a huge opportunity for local ecosystems to thrive, enhance habitat creation, and improve soil regeneration. Each of our sites is designed with a bespoke biodiversity management plan (BMP), outlining measures to mitigate biodiversity impacts as well as ways to enhance beneficial habitats

Financing growth and planning for succession

Farm rental income is considered a favourable revenue stream by banks and lenders, which has allowed our solar farm landowners to successfully secure further financing using the rental income. This also allows landowners to address and improve future financial planning for their business and to keep farms in the family long term.

The terms of our lease are carefully crafted specifically for each landowner, if you’re interested in having solar panels on your land, get in touch using the details below. Our team of solar experts will contact you to gather information and work with you to assess if a solar lease agreement is mutually beneficial. We look forward to working with you.

 How does it work?

Want to find out more about how a landowner partnership with Lightsource bp would work? Take a look at our new explainer video. 


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Coming on board

Terms of our lease are carefully crafted specifically for each landowner. If you’re interested in having solar panels on your land, get in touch.

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