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Celebrating ‘Earth Day’: how nature and solar farms can work together

Solar farms play a crucial role in renewable energy generation, but did you know that they can also contribute to biodiversity conservation?

At Lightsource bp, we are committed to promoting biodiversity in and around our solar farms through strategic initiatives. Here we share our top four strategies that promote biodiversity, including solar farm habitat management and wildlife conservation efforts.

Working in partnership to utilise scientific knowledge

We actively engage and collaborate with conservation and academic communities to support the latest research on solar and biodiversity. By partnering with experts, we aim to integrate scientific knowledge into our solar farm projects and ensure that our conservation efforts are informed by best practices.

Planning for positive outcomes

We believe that a proactive approach is essential for promoting biodiversity on solar farms. Our development process includes strategic planning to identify and implement measures that support local biodiversity conservation. From site selection to design and construction, we prioritise positive biodiversity outcomes in every stage of our development process.

Monitor, maintain and adapt for long-term outcomes

To ensure the long-term success of our biodiversity conservation efforts, we implement project-specific management plans that outline how the habitats around our solar farms need to be managed throughout the project’s life cycle. This includes regular monitoring, maintenance, and adaptation to changing environmental conditions to support biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Oversight and governance

We take a comprehensive approach to ensure the delivery of our biodiversity goals. Our project assurance and corporate sustainability governance process includes periodic review and revision of our biodiversity policy, as well as assessment of risks and opportunities related to biodiversity conservation in our solar farms.


Spotlight on nature in our solar farms

To celebrate the rich biodiversity in our solar farms, we have captured some stunning photos of the flora and fauna that thrive in these environments. From colourful flowers to diverse bird species, our solar farms and their surrounding areas are home to a wide range of wildlife.

Take a look at the gallery below to get a glimpse of the natural beauty that coexists with our solar energy projects.


Robins that thrive on and around a UK solar farm

During a site tour of our Dunsfold solar farm project in the UK, our team spotted several robins showing curiosity about the solar panels, our sustainable electricity generation and solar engineer, Matt. Intrigued by their presence, we tried our best to capture them on video.

VLOG: Robin video – behind the scenes


At Lightsource bp, we are dedicated to promoting biodiversity, enhancing habitats and sustainability. Through strategic planning, monitoring, and collaboration with experts, we strive to create positive outcomes for flora and fauna in and around our solar farm projects.

To find out more, read our latest sustainability report.

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