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Lightsource BP acquires Ubiworx to strengthen digital capability

Lightsource BP announced today that it has acquired Ubiworx, an Irish Industrial IoT (“Internet of Things”) company that delivers state of the art software solutions based on their embedded, bespoke platform. The acquisition comes after two years of a close working relationship, which saw the Ubiworx platform become one of the core technologies deployed by Lightsource BP’s in-house innovation arm, Lightsource Labs.

The acquisition brings world-class IoT capability to Lightsource BP. This includes pioneering machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms, small footprint embedded software and smart control systems, to compliment Lightsource BP’s existing capabilities. This move will secure Lightsource BP’s place as one of the leading digital innovators in decentralised energy management.

Lightsource BP already uses cutting-edge technology alongside established solar and storage to create hundreds of smart and connected homes. This smart-home programme gives energy control back to the consumer, lowers bills and encourages more sustainable living. Having gained success in the UK, this smart-home solution to benefit consumers will be rolled out internationally. Therefore, bringing the Ubiworx platform in-house was a natural progression.

Kareen Boutonnat, Group COO for Lightsource BP comments:

“Digitisation and the move towards a low-carbon economy requires reinvention of the energy market – beyond just monitoring and controlling consumption. This transformation is being led by innovation and market disruptors, like electric vehicles that will completely change the way household energy is used and stored. We cannot underestimate the ‘power of the home’ and its vital role in shaping this new energy future.”

“Through our acquisition of Ubiworx, we aim to create more connected, intelligent, efficient and sustainable energy systems that will turn ordinary homes into ‘self-learning smart homes’, actively encouraging communities to live more sustainably.”

Menelaos Ioannidis, Founder and CTO of Lightsource Labs comments:

“We are delighted to welcome Ubiworx to the Lightsource BP family. This move complements our established development centre in Greece and is a key milestone as we progress to consolidate our technology stack. This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to bringing sustainable and affordable energy services to households around the world”.

Mark Burkley, Co-Founder of Ubiworx comments:

“Our vision has always been to enable cutting-edge IoT intelligence across the energy sector. Merging talent and expertise with Lightsource BP will realise our ambition and enable the company to develop world class smart systems in this fast-moving decentralised energy space. “

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