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Supporting the future of farming at the Three Counties Show

Lightsource bp  is excited to be returning to the Royal Three Counties Show, Malvern. This year, we’re proud to be sponsoring the new Future of Farming Zone. This area will provide networking opportunities and promote discussions around career opportunities and the latest policies and issues affecting the industry, as well as showcasing new technologies and hosting informative talks and Q&A sessions on these topics with leading experts and special guests from the agricultural sector. We’re passionate about supporting farmers and the farming industry to adapt and grow, so the Future of Farming is the perfect area for a Lightsource bp presence.

Like all technologies, solar is constantly evolving. On solar farms, the panels typically occupy only 40% of the leased land, leaving many opportunities for beneficial dual use. The design of the solar farm can incorporate grazing of small livestock like sheep, host pollinator gardens, and more. At Lightsource bp, we’re investing in research and development into agrivoltaics, which provides opportunities for farming practices to thrive alongside solar farms. Watch the video to find out more:


The launch of the 2023 show took place last week at Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park, and as one of this year’s sponsors, Lightsource bp was invited to attend. The event included a brief introduction by David Prescott, the new CEO of the Three Counties, followed by a talk by Adam Henson on the Farm Park’s history and mission to connect the general public with nature and farming, and to preserve rare British breeds. The whole experience was the perfect showcase for everything the Royal Three Counties show celebrates, and the team at Lightsource bp is thoroughly looking forward to supporting and participating in a few months.


all photographs are courtesy of the Three Counties Showground.

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