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Video: A second year sponsoring the Future of Farming

For the second year in a row, Lightsource bp was proud to be a sponsor of the Future of Farming Zone and the Bees and Honey tent at the Royal Three Counties show. The show, which took place in Malvern this June, has been a cornerstone of rural England for a hundred years, and our partnership with the Future of Farming Zone is a vital way for Lightsource bp to demonstrate our commitment progressing renewable energy and responsible land use.

We’ve showcased our partnership with the Royal Three Counties in this new video, summarising our work together and highlighting benefits of the relationship to both sides.

The Future of Farming Zone provides networking opportunities and promote discussions around career opportunities and the latest policies and issues affecting the industry, as well as showcasing new technologies and hosting informative talks and Q&A sessions on these topics with leading experts and special guests from the agricultural sector.

Speakers from Lightsource bp were invited to take part in panel discussions on dual land use and biodiversity net gain, contributing to conversations on how solar power can support the farming industry to adapt and thrive in the coming years.

Supporting rural events like the Royal Three Counties Show is a priority for Lightsource bp as an opportunity to engage directly with the farming community. These events allow us to share the benefits of solar energy with landowners, demonstrating how solar leases can offer a reliable source of income without disrupting traditional farming activities. We showcased our proposition to farmers from across the country, as well as giving away jars of our delicious solar farm honey, to tie in with a new sponsorship for 2024 – the Bees & Honey tent. By sponsoring this tent, we wanted to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the connection between renewable energy and ecological wellness.

Becoming a solar landowner

Allocating a portion of your land to lease for a solar farm opens up a diversified and dependable income stream. Take a look to see if a solar lease with Lightsource bp could work for your business.

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