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Writing a new playbook, Eneko’s story

Joined 2020, UK – I was drawn to Lightsource bp by both parts of the name – the mix of entrepreneurial and long-established cultures that each side of the partnership brings to the table is a very attractive prospect. Add to that the fact that solar is an exciting, growing industry set to keep evolving and offering solutions to challenges that affect the whole planet – it was a no-brainer.

I’ve worked across lots of different industries and countries in a variety of different roles, with a strong focus on infrastructure and programme management, and that experience has been invaluable to me at Lightsource bp. The team I joined in June 2020 and the team now are wildly different – ten times as big and in ten times as many countries, and we’re only going to keep getting bigger. We’re supporting multiple acquisitions, growth and international expansion, and on top of that we’re retrofitting our existing processes and procedures. Our aim is to match the standards of large international corporations long-established in the market, or to exceed them. Just as we do in all other areas of our business.

What sets Lightsource bp apart from those long-established companies is our incredibly stubbornness and creativity to challenge the standard. We are constantly adapting – every day is a new opportunity to learn and adapt. We’re not following the playbook, we’re writing it, and I can’t wait to see us get the book published and get started on the sequels.

Eneko Rodriguez, Finance Director

Be the Change, join Lightsource bp

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