Our community-first approach to energy storage systems

Safety, sustainability and social responsibility guide all that we do at Lightsource bp, including our renewable energy storage projects.  

Your energy storage questions, answered

Lightsource bp is advancing renewable energy storage alongside solar projects across the USA. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are essential for America’s energy security and independence, but as with any new technology, people may have questions. How does it work? What are the benefits? And is it safe?  

Keep reading or check out our comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide for everything community members need to know about energy storage development, construction and operations.  

Partnering with local communities

Lightsource bp works closely with our neighbors to maximize the positive social impacts of all our projects, including energy storage systems. Like other forms of renewable energy, these projects bring numerous benefits to communities, including tax revenue, job creation, infrastructure improvements, grid reliability and philanthropic partnerships. 

Our dedicated Community Relations team engages with host communities throughout the entire project lifecycle – from the time we start planning a solar or storage project, through construction and operations. This includes working with regional governmental authorities such as the local fire marshal to understand their requirements and concerns as they may relate to battery safety. Such requirements and expectations are ultimately included in our design, resulting in safe, reliable and community accepted energy storage systems.  

Responsible waste management

Lightsource bp is committed to reusing and recycling as much of our materials as possible, at the end of our projects and throughout their lifespan, as part of our global commitment to sustainability, reducing waste and creating a true circular economy. We were the first solar farm owner/operator to commit to reusing or recycling all end-of-life solar panels. Likewise, we are committed to recycling all end-of-life batteries. 


Safe, responsible & regulated energy storage systems

Safety is a core value and paramount in all that we do at Lightsource bp. We are dedicated to making sure our solar and storage projects are designed, constructed and operated to the highest possible standards, and we take measures to ensure we deliver safe energy storage systems. 

Community dialogue – we want to be a good neighbor

 Lightsource bp is dedicated to supporting communities that are home to our projects across America. That’s why we have an entire Community Relations team that works closely with our neighbors to maximize the positive social impacts of our projects.  

If you would like to connect with a community ambassador, please email USCommunityRelations@lightsourcebp.com