Responsible Solar: Energy

Our primary purpose: Delivering affordable, emissions free energy through responsibly developed solar and storage projects

Driving meaningful climate action with Responsible Solar

Our core contribution to sustainability is generating emissions free electricity that adds security to our energy mix, while driving down electricity costs. By reducing harmful emissions in the energy sector, we are improving the health of people and the environment they live in.

The 3.2 gigawatts of solar projects we’ve developed across the USA deliver on this mission.

4.1 Million

Metric tons of CO2 abated annually, for healthier air


Fuel-burning cars taken off the road each year (equivalent)


U.S. homes able to be powered each year with home grown, clean energy

While decarbonization of the global energy landscape is imperative, Lightsource bp also recognizes that there are additional efforts to be made to reduce emissions associated with our operational footprint and our supply chain. In 2020, Lightsource bp joined the UN Race to Zero. We aim to reduce our absolute Scope 1 and 2 emissions 42% by 2030, from 2021, and to reduce our Scope 3 emissions 52% per MW generation capacity constructed by 2030, from 2021.


Our solar projects & energy partners

The projects below represent a portion of our portfolio. Learn more about our utility-scale solar projects, our partners and the benefits we’re bringing to businesses and communities.

Solar projects in commercial operation

Bighorn Solar

300 MW

Pueblo, Colorado

Energy partner: Xcel Energy

See project

Sun Mountain Solar

293 MW

Pueblo, Colorado

Energy partner: Xcel Energy

See project

Impact Solar

260 MW

Lamar County, Texas

Energy partner: bp IST

See project

Bellflower Solar

173 MW

Henry and Rush Counties, Indiana

Energy partner: Verizon

See project

Elm Branch Solar

163 MW

Ellis County, Texas

Energy partner: L3Harris Technologies

See project

Briar Creek Solar

153 MW

Navarro County, Texas

Energy partner: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

See project

Conway Solar

135 MW

Happy, Arkansas

Energy partner: Conway Corp

See project

Black Bear Solar

130 MW

Montgomery County, Alabama, USA

Energy partner: Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (AMEA)

See project

Penn State Solar

70 MW

Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Energy partner: Penn State University

See project

Elk Hill Solar 1 and 2

42 MW

Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Energy partner: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)

See project

Johnson Corner Solar

27 MW

Johnson City, Kansas

Energy partner: Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

See project

Wildflower Solar

16 MW

Sacramento County, California

Energy partner: Sacramento Municipal Utility District

See project

Grants and Bluewater Solar

9 MW

Cibola, New Mexico

Energy partner: Continental Divide Electric Cooperative (CDEC)

See project

Solar projects under construction

Oxbow Solar

345 MW

Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

Energy partner: McDonald's and eBay

See project

Cottontail Solar

246 MW


Energy partner: Constellation & Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

See project

Honeysuckle Solar

188 MW

St. Joseph County, Indiana

Energy partner: AEP Energy Partners

See project

Prairie Ronde Solar

180 MW

St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Energy partner: McDonald's

See project

Starr Solar

163 MW

Starr County, Texas

Energy partner: TBA

See project

Second Division Solar

125 MW

Brazoria County, Texas

Energy partner: TBA

See project

Solar projects in advanced development

Birch Solar

375 MW

Allen and Auglaize Counties, Ohio

Energy partner: Amazon

See project

Mountain Daisy Solar

160 MW

Weld County, Colorado

Energy partner: TBA

See project

Trinity River Solar

173 MW

LIberty County, Texas

Energy partner: TBA

See project

Mowata Solar

172 MW

Acadia Parish, Louisiana

Energy partner: TBA

See project

Inverness Solar

100 MW

Sunflower County, Mississippi

Energy partner: TBA

See project

White Trillium Solar

50 MW

Van Wert County, Ohio

Energy partner: not yet announced

See project

Canal Road Solar

49 MW

Wayne County, Ohio

Energy partner: TBA

See project

Explore our Solar Projects globally

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  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15174616/Egypt.png flag Egypt
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175527/UK.png flag United Kingdom
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  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175347/Spain.png flag Spain
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15174929/Ireland.png flag Republic of Ireland
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175236/Portugal.png flag Portugal
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175048/Netherlands.png flag Netherlands
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175015/Italy.png flag Italy
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15174539/Brazil.png flag Brazil
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15174703/France.png flag France
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15174509/Australia.png flag Australia
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/17121219/Singapore.png flag Singapore
  • Americas
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15174819/Greece.png flag Greece
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175610/US.png flag United States
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/17121140/Northern-Ireland.png flag Northern Ireland
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175420/Taiwan.png flag Taiwan
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175123/New-Zealand.png flag New Zealand
  • https://assets.lightsourcebp.com/app/uploads/2024/01/15175155/Poland.png flag Poland
  • Africa and Middle East

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