Responsible Solar for every community

We are committed to creating an equitable, positive social impact for the communities we join, our partners and our people. 

Our community-first approach

Lightsource bp is dedicated to supporting communities that are home to our solar projects across America. That’s why we have an entire Community Relations team that works closely with our neighbors to maximize the positive social impacts of our projects. 

Our Community Relations team engages with host communities throughout the entire project lifecycle – from the time we start planning a solar project, through to construction and then operations. They meet with stakeholders to share project information, host educational events, and in turn gather insights and feedback that help us improve our projects for your community.  

Our Community Relations team also forms philanthropic partnerships with non-profits, schools and other local institutions that serve community members on-the-ground. 

515,330 $

Donated to community organizations in 2023


Community events in 2023, across 8 states


Community members engaged during 2023 events

Community Relations Manager Paulette with Minnequa Elementary’s Principal Harshman. Lightsource bp has been supporting food access and extracurricular programs at the Pueblo, CO elementary school since 2020. 

Connect with a community ambassador

If you would like to connect with a Community Relations Manager, please email USCommunityRelations@lightsourcebp.com. 

A critical step in all of our projects is seeking community feedback. We welcome your questions and comments to ensure that our solar farms are great projects for your community.  

Community giving is a priority

The benefits we’re able to bring to communities are boosted through collaborative initiatives with our local partners. At Lightsource bp, we work closely with local organizations to invest in communities that are home to our solar projects and offices across the United States.  

Our Community Relations team identifies key social impact partnerships and we’re committed to dedicating funds to philanthropic activities and charitable donations to community organizations. 

For regions that are home to our projects, we donated $515,330 in 2023. We encourage our team members to volunteer in these communities as well. 

We’re excited to support and work with organizations that matter most to our people and our communities, and share our desire to create a more sustainable, resilient and equitable world for present and future generations. Tell us about your cause here.

Lightsource bp solar developers join school staff and PTO members at Cambridge Springs Elementary School in Pennsylvania, where Lightsource bp has donated to build a new playground 

Real life stories: Responsible solar making a difference

We invest in local communities

When a solar farm comes to your community, everyone can benefit. Click each item to learn more about some of the real ways that Lightsource bp solar farms are creating economic and educational benefits in the United States. 

  • Sustainable, local energy infrastructure

    With each solar project we build, hundreds of millions of dollars of private capital is invested into new clean energy infrastructure, helping diversify America’s and individual states’ energy portfolios – and providing energy security and energy independence with local electricity generation 

  • Job creation

    Along with growing a region’s solar market and supply chain, our solar projects create hundreds of jobs during construction – we prioritize local labor and have stipulations in our EPC contracts to work to maximize the local workforce of the project by hiring local subcontractors and recruiting from the local labor pool. 

  • Tax revenue

    Solar farms contribute millions of dollars in property tax revenue, benefitting local schools, fire departments, parks, and other community public services without a tax increase for local citizens.

  • Revenue for landowners

    Solar farms provide diversified, stable revenue for landowners and generations of their families, contributing to the economics of farming businesses and keeping land in families. Click here to learn more about solar land leasing.

  • Educational opportunities

    A solar farm offers educational opportunities for local schools and universities, with Lightsource bp providing curriculum support, research opportunities and site tours.

  • Partnerships and philanthropic commitments

    Lightsource bp identifies key social impact partnerships in our project regions and is committed to dedicating funds to local organizations such as non-profits and schools.

Our commitment to solar panel safety and recycling

Tested for your safety: The layers of a solar panel are strongly laminated, and all materials are sealed inside tempered glass, the same material as car windshields and hurricane windows. In addition, Lightsource bp requires all solar panels used on our projects to pass strict testing protocols established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that solar panels, even if broken, are non-hazardous for people and the environment. The EPA testing protocol is called the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP). 

Zero landfill pledge for solar panels: Lightsource bp was the first solar developer in the U.S. to pledge we would recycle all our solar panels. And we only use preferred recycling partners that have been thoroughly evaluated by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA). 

Recycling facilities that have been vetted by SEIA: 

  • Must collect and process in the U.S., no exporting 
  • Must be accredited 
  • Must strive for maximum material recovery and second life usage 
  • Must work sustainably and promote sustainability 

Social responsibility, locally and globally

Human rights

We are committed to respecting human rights and acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships. Lightsource bp has a formal modern slavery statement and human rights policy. 

We also have in place a clear code of business conduct & ethics, which is applied to our global business activities.

We require that suppliers and manufacturers contractually comply with the Lightsource bp code of business conduct & ethics for counterparties. This covers, among other items, human rights and modern slavery, non-discrimination, freedom of association and our speak up program. Violation of these obligations by a supplier is a breach of contract.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice 

These are more than just words for us, they’re the principles guiding how we run our business, build our projects and create an inclusive workplace where our people are comfortable bringing their authentic whole selves to work.  

Through our work with the DEIJ Certification Program from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), we have earned Silver Certification by taking actionable steps to advance our external and internal diversity practices in the United States. 

 We’ve solidified many of our global commitments, made by our people, for our people in our diversity, equity and inclusion statement. The statement, and our wider diversity, equity and inclusion framework have been devised by a committee of Lightsource bp team members from all areas of the business – empowered and endorsed by our leadership.   

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