Meet our Vice President of Environmental Affairs & Government Relations

All hands on deck, Alyssa’s Story

Joined 2020, USA – I lead both environmental and government affairs for the US at Lightsource bp, and it is the perfect combination of my passions: responsible siting of utility scale renewable energy, and policies that support a low carbon economy. In a way, I see this role as the culmination of 15 years of working in the renewables space. Throughout my education, and all the way through my career, I have always wanted to be part of the solution to climate change. I’ve been watching the US energy industry evolve for the past 15 years, and at Lightsource bp I am hopeful for the future, and the success of the clean energy transition.

It’s not just because we’re generating renewable energy, it’s how we’re doing it. At Lightsource bp we are pushing the boundaries on conventional thinking: how solar not only integrates with the natural environment, but enhances it as well. We are progressively pushing the concept of sustainable development through innovation and research, with a site by site and region by region approach.

The Lightsource bp mindset has no boundaries on learning and improving, we use the best available science and emerging concepts in biodiversity make a real difference. It’s what makes going to work every day so rewarding. There’s no question that how we build out utility solar is evolving, and it is my privilege to work with our team to pioneer what the looks like for Lightsource bp.

When I joined the company, I knew what I was getting into – a leading solar company, constantly driving the industry forwards – but there’s a lot about the company I didn’t expect. Inclusivity is a huge part of the culture, which works top down and bottom up, making sure that everyone has a say, and an impact. I always say that at Lightsource bp it’s “all hands on deck” and it’s far from just a saying! We expect a lot from each other, no question, but we do it in a way that respects what people believe and where they come from, and in a way that makes sure we’re propping people up, and putting them first.

Alyssa Edwards, VP Environmental Affairs and Government Relations, USA


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