Meet our Head of Asset Management Operations

All in this together, Kara’s story

After growing up on a farm in rural South Dakota for most of my childhood, where the closest “town” had a population of 21 people, I have a deep appreciation for rural communities and farm life, as well as a passion for nature and preserving farmland.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to work closely with rural communities and landowners throughout my career and see firsthand how solar pays off.  

With a career in Asset Management, on any given day you are speaking with local farmers, school districts and on-site operations providers, as well as international business partners. I’ve found that my rural upbringing has not only allowed me to connect with varying stakeholders and their unique needs but has been a perfect fit for my skills and passion. It’s also been incredible to see how the reliable revenue stream from successful renewables leases makes a huge difference for landowners, especially by acting as a hedge against volatile commodity prices and unpredictable production.   

Prior to joining Lightsource bp, I held various leadership roles within the renewable energy at Longroad Energy, Macquarie and bp’s wind division, working in market operations, trading, regulatory compliance, and asset management. I believe that success in renewables comes from the energy of the people behind the assets, and I was immediately drawn to the people and leadership within Lightsource bp’s global asset services team. I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn’t seize the opportunity to be a part of this team that is truly making history in the transition to a sustainable energy future worldwide. 

I’ve also found that Lightsource bp’s values and culture, including an emphasis on diversity and bringing passion to work align well with my own. As I worked previously for bp, Lightsource bp’s 50/50 JV partner, I expected that would be the case.  Perhaps most relevant to my role is the company’s drive for safe and excellent operations. We are all in this together— investors, landowners, operators, communities —and together we are accountable for the success and livelihoods of so many people.  

Kara Gunn, Head of Asset Management Operations, USA



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