Lightsource bp recognized by Global Electronics Council for leadership in sustainability

Lightsource bp is honored to be recognized by the Global Electronics Council (GEC) for our commitment to and leadership in sustainability. Late last year we signed the largest photovoltaic (PV) solar module contract ever with a U.S. manufacturer. Not only was it a landmark deal for the solar industry in America and a demonstration of our commitment to invest in domestic manufacturing, represented by over 10 million solar modules, those modules are all EPEAT registered ultra-low carbon thin film solar PV modules from Arizona based First Solar.  

That’s more than 10 million EPEAT solar PV modules! 

In addition, we previously purchased more than 1 gigawatt of PV module supply from First Solar for a number of our 2020 and 2021 projects, an additional two million EPEAT silver modules from a U.S. manufacturer for Lightsource bp. 

The EPEAT global Type-1 ecolabel for technology products is administered by the GEC. Photovoltaic Modules and Inverters is a new category for EPEAT, with category criteria based on NSF/ANSI 457 – 2019 Sustainability Leadership Standard for Photovoltaic Modules and Photovoltaic Inverters 

We’re excited to partner with GEC to raise awareness of the EPEAT ecolabel in this category and promote a focus on low-carbon, sustainable procurement for the solar industry. 

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