Lightsource bp US, the first solar partner of the Monarch Joint Venture

Lightsource bp US is the first solar partner of the Monarch Joint Venture, exemplifying our leadership in advancing biodiversity within the solar industry. 

Monarch populations in North America have been dramatically declining as they face many threats, with the most significant impacts coming from habitat loss breeding, migrating, and overwintering. The Monarch Joint Venture is a nonprofit organization that has partnered with over 120 federal and state agencies, other nonprofits, community groups, businesses, and academic programs to conserve monarch butterflies and other pollinators across the United States. These partnerships work to implement science-based conservation actions in the form of education, habitat, and science. 

As part of our Responsible Solar ethos, we are committed to increasing biodiversity at our solar projects and creating habitat for a variety and abundance of species. We carefully curate customized seed mixes and other vegetation so that our solar farms can serve as safe, supportive homes for pollinators and other wildlife under our biodiversity framework. With the Monarch Joint Venture partnership, we’ve committed to monarch conservation efforts such as including milkweed at project locations that are conducive to taller vegetation.

From June 17 to July 24, our US team will be participating in their biggest fundraiser, Miles for Monarchs which is an online campaign designed to engage participants in personal wellness while supporting monarch conservation. Miles for Monarchs participants will attempt to collectively travel as many 3,000-mile migrations as possible during the summer and fall campaigns. We’re encouraging our team members to take a walk, hike, bike, or even kayak, ️‍joining in on this virtual adventure to make a difference for monarchs across the U.S.