Meet our Global Head of PV Integrated Solutions

Size and speed, Sara’s story

Joined 2021, USA – Throughout my career, I’ve worked with various members of the executive teams at Lightsource bp, and it had always been a really positive experience, so when the role opened up at the company I jumped at the chance to join the team.

From the beginning of the US operations, I’ve been impressed by the speed that Lightsource bp has grown. We’ve got a significant global footprint, but we still maintain the swiftness and agility of a much smaller company. We make decisions quickly and move fast, despite having operations on six continents! It’s a rare thing to see in a company this size.

I think the key thing that allows us to work like a start-up while succeeding as a big business is the strength of our people. Right from the start, I’ve been blown away by the passion my colleagues have for what they do. Each member of the team brings a huge capacity for change and growth, we’ve got so many brilliant people with excellent problem-solving skills and an openness to bringing new ideas to the table and improving the current progress. In an area like mine, where we’re focused on innovation and new solutions, the can-do mindset and open communication that are part of Lightsource bp’s DNA, is invaluable.

Sara Kayal, Global Head of Integrated PV Solutions, USA


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