Our Responsible Solar Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Responsible Solar goes beyond generating clean electricity, with mindful environmental stewardship from boosting biodiversity to supporting local farmers.

Discover emerging environmental best practices for solar projects

The rapid growth of solar around the world has raised new questions about siting and land use. Lightsource bp is leading the industry in employing a range of best practices as part of our Responsible Solar Approach, layering additional environmental benefits beyond clean energy.

Increasing biodiversity throughout our portfolio. Implementing agrivoltaics at scale. Committing to a zero-landfill solar panel policy. We do this not only to be good neighbors and good stewards of the land, but because it is part of our Lightsource bp ethos.

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About the author:

Alyssa is the Senior Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Government Relations at Lightsource bp, a global market leader in the development, financing, construction, and management of large-scale solar projects. With more than 18 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, her expert knowledge of wildlife regulations, permitting and environmental sitting have helped advance more than 12GW of executed projects. She has highly established governmental agency and stakeholder relationships regionally and nationally and has served on advisory councils, committees and boards throughout her career.

In her role as Senior Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Government Relations, Alyssa leads Lightsource bp on environmental compliance and permitting for development, construction and operations for their U.S. portfolio. She has built a leading, innovative biodiversity program in the U.S. that supports the company’s global sustainability objectives through integration of biodiversity initiatives and agrivoltaics, changing the way solar projects are developed by adding a multitude of environmental benefits beyond clean, renewable energy.

At Lightsource bp Alyssa also leads government relations in the United States. Through extensive stakeholder engagement with legislators, regulators and environmental organizations she promotes and advocates for renewable energy policies and legislation at state and federal levels.

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The Responsible Solar Approach

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