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A winning combination, Stephen’s story

Joined 2018, UK – I was drawn to Lightsource bp by a combination of factors – the sector, Lightsource bp’s positioning, and the team. I was excited by the prospect of working in the renewables sector. Huge strides had already been taken, but the potential for decades of continued scale-up in solar was obvious even then, and very exciting. Lightsource bp, from the outside in, was already a very impressive company with an outstanding track record, and seemed to be at an inflection point. The leadership team and everyone I interviewed with appeared passionate, ambitious, and fun – exactly the sort of people you want to work with. It was a winning combination then, and it still is today.

Before Lightsource bp, I worked for a strategy advisory firm whose clients were typically large, mature organisations with more in common with ‘bp’ than ‘Lightsource’. I felt this experience gave me an interesting perspective on the journey the Lightsource bp would need to go on to achieve its extraordinary potential. It’s been a very stimulating experience to have been part of that journey over the years that have since passed.

We’ve got a great deal going for us and have chalked up some eye-catching successes on an international stage, since we stepped out from our UK home market. We may not be the largest developer in the world (yet), but the sheer number of projects we’ve developed and the combined experience across the team is replicated in very few organisations. This experience, combined with a deep conviction in our strategy, and an ability to move fast and be innovative, is what has fuelled our successes to date.

Working at Lightsource bp means that every day you have the opportunity to influence the trajectory of something very meaningful. It’s the type of partnership that could define one of the major narratives of the energy transition over the next 50 years and prove critical to the world getting onto a net zero pathway. This creates an incredible sense of purpose. It’s a pleasure to do that with this particular team as well. We’re incrementally changing the world for the better every single day, and I’d love to fast forward 5 or 10 years to sneak a peek at where we will get to together.

Stephen Purvis, Head of Corporate Strategy

Be the Change, join Lightsource bp

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