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Building a legacy, Nick’s story

Joined February 2021, UK. – I have been incredibly fortunate to have spent 25 years working with some incredible people, with very diverse cultures in the oil and gas sector. I have had the tremendous opportunity to experience front line operations, developed in-depth engineering solutions for which I have become Chartered (as a Fellow), worked as both a contractor and owner, managed small local teams to regional business and shaped and implemented transformation at a global scale.

Not too long ago at a leadership event I was asked ‘what is your sense of purpose?’; while I had plenty to say about my family, their wellbeing, and building, inspiring and energising diverse teams I felt there was a big hole in why I did what I did. It was a real moment of clarity for me, and led me to the realisation that renewable energy was where I wanted to focus my effort. I wanted to be able to look back and say, ‘I am proud of my legacy’. Lightsource bp has provided me with the perfect opportunity to achieve this.

At Lightsource bp, safety is one of our Core Values, and of course as Global Head of Quality, HSE + Carbon, it is the bedrock of my day to day. I have a lot of experience in front line operations in pretty harsh environments as a contractor, an operator, an engineer and as a manager, all of which feeds into my work at Lightsource bp. Knowing our risks, knowing our people and helping provide a common direction to improve how we operate is my main focus, underpinned by my renewed profound purpose and personal values.

From the beginning, it’s been clear to me that this company has some rare attributes. Lightsource bp is a relatively small, very capable organisation with an incredible ‘can-do’ attitude facing huge growth opportunities. That is a product of the passionate, determined people who make up this company. We have lofty ambitions, a true belief that what we do makes a positive impact for the world and a real focus on global success. Growth, even since I’ve been here, has been huge. To some this is daunting, but to me the opportunity to work with one another to define how we will work, shape our systems, processes and tools and make it how we want it to be is incredibly exciting. It gives me the chance I was looking for to make a real difference.

I often get asked what my favourite thing about working here is, and the answer is simple. It’s the people. Energising, determined, caring, supportive, focussed, diverse, inclusive… the team at this company isn’t like anything you’ll easily find anywhere else in the industry. Without the passion of the people here, Lightsource bp would be just another solar developer. Instead, we’re a council focussed on changing the face of the global energy market, and I’m proud to be playing my part in that.

Nick Mutch, Global Head of Quality, HSE + Carbon

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