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Fast-track to the future, Jon’s story

Joined 2021, UK – I joined Lightsource bp because I wanted to be part of a fast-growing industry, and renewables stood out. From the get go, it was clear that I would get the opportunity to develop and thrive within the Lightsource bp culture.  In my first months, I was able to build relationships and effective ways of working. Albeit initially not face to face due to the pandemic, I have tried to use my knowledge to benefit and develop the team aligned with our core values; safety, integrity, respect, sustainability, and drive.

Solar was new to me, my previous experience was across FMCG, Aerospace and Industrial Manufacturing managing large enterprise applications and infrastructure, leading global implementations and integration projects. My experience of mature businesses and the sort of systems they need to succeed has allowed me to make a big difference to the company.

Lightsource bp has been both challenging and rewarding from the outset, with opportunities to learn and gain further understanding of the wider business. This sort of access to the big picture allows me to contribute to our strategy, sustainability goals and growth to help deliver affordable and sustainable solar power for businesses and communities around the world. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Lightsource bp gives you a really unusual level of access to senior leadership, and a high degree of autonomy, both of which have helped to create a culture of accountability and contribute to the delivery of our strategic ambitions and global growth. There’s a maturing start-up mentality here, it’s fast paced, dynamic and agile which makes it a very high energy, driven and extremely rewarding environment to work in.

With ambitious growth and sustainability targets, I.T. plays an important role in helping to redefine the future. We’re working hard to replace legacy systems, upgrade our platforms and processes and build a secure infrastructure capable of supporting the huge targets we have lined up for the next few years. My team, typically for Lightsource bp, is a diverse group of individuals full of passion and focus, with an insatiable appetite to make the world a better place, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Jon Lowne, Head of IT

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