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Rock solid foundations, Anna’s story

Joined 2014, UK – I joined Lightsource bp in 2014 when it was a small company with big ambitions. When I was approached for the role of Financial Controller, I had never heard of the company and knew very little about the renewables industry. It was the opportunity for development within a growing business that I was drawn to. Since joining, the Company, the Finance Team and my own role have been on a journey of continuous change which has enabled me to gain a breadth of experience in all areas of Finance.

My role may not be front end sexy stuff, but the infrastructure I have helped to create is an important foundation to support the tremendous growth of the Business. Lightsource bp has given me the chance to push myself and deliver results which have benefited both the team and the Company. It is a process of continuous improvement and I’m excited to be working on the next phase which will further strengthen our infrastructure with the implementation of a new Finance System and continue to mature our processes and controls by establishing an internal audit function.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to help develop talented individuals in my team, watch them grow and successfully progress their careers. Seeing them rise to senior positions and realise their potential has been incredibly rewarding.

Despite the impressive growth of the company since I joined in 2014, we have not lost the entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to push ourselves to achieve our ambitious goals and the tremendous team spirit – we work hard together, we achieve together and we celebrate together. Combined with the fact that we are helping to shape the future of a better environment for the planet – it’s a captivating recipe which has kept me here, every day is positive and I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Anna Cockin, Head of Finance – Systems, Processes & Controls

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