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Strengthening rural partnerships – Sponsoring Badminton Horse Trials

For the second year running, Lightsource bp is proud to have sponsored the Badminton Horse Trials, one of the largest equestrian events in the world. The partnership between Lightsource bp and Badminton is a long-running one, with a rich and successful history. We’re dedicated to forming lasting relationships with communities, and sponsorships like these demonstrate the value that renewable energy investment can have for events and entities across rural communities.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about our partnership, and the way in which solar can benefit landowners across the UK and beyond.


At Lightsource bp we pride ourselves on working with farmers and landowners to form partnerships that benefit both parties – developing sustainable projects that provide renewable energy and biodiversity benefits, while generating secure, long-term income and continued agricultural land use to support rural businesses for decades to come. Hear how leasing land for solar has benefitted some of our partners in the testimonials below:

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Becoming a solar landowner

Allocating a portion of your land to lease for a solar farm opens up a diversified and dependable income stream. Take a look to see if a solar lease with Lightsource bp could work for your business.

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