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Supporting farming at the Energy & Farm Diversification Show 

The success of solar in Ireland depends on the Irish farming community – this is a fundamental fact in the industry, and it’s been a core facet of Lightsource bp’s philosophy from the very beginning of our Irish operations. As such it has always been a priority of ours to support the rural economy and partner with farming communities and entities across the island of Ireland in order to drive solar forward and meet the need for sustainable energy. We’re investing heavily in these relationships as we continue to develop responsible solar projects across Ireland. 

A recent example of this is our sponsorship of the Energy & Farm Diversification Show, held at Gurteen College in Co. Tipperary last week. The Energy & Farm Diversification Show (formerly the Energy in Agriculture Show) provides unmissable insights into the latest revolutionary products transforming the agri-industry, and Lightsource bp was proud to sponsor an event dedicated to keeping Irish farming moving into the future. Members of our team were in the energy tent speaking to hundreds of farmers about how solar could be the next step for their business.

Solar is becoming an increasingly popular option for farmers and landowners across Ireland – it’s weather-proof, comes with decades of guaranteed income and has the added benefit of having significant positive impacts for the land, the local community and the environment. 

Leasing your land for solar doesn’t mean abandoning traditional farming practices, either. Solar farms are the perfect place to graze sheep, so you will find that by renting your land for solar you’re able to make the acres work twice as hard – income from the panels, and income from your flock. Solar panels provide shade and shelter for sheep, while the secure fencing offers protection from predation and harassment. The disruption to the land from the solar panels is minimal, and land is returned to its original state or better when the lifespan of the project is up. There is also research which infers that the quality of soil under solar panels improves during the duration of the project. 

solar panels and sheep

Becoming a solar landowner 

Allocating a portion of your land to lease for a solar farm opens up a diversified and dependable income stream. Take a look to see if a solar lease with Lightsource bp could work for your business. 

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