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Wearing many hats, Liza’s story

Joined 2010, UK – I’ve been at Lightsource bp for over a decade now, and I can safely say it has been the most exciting, rewarding and challenging phase of my career by far. I joined the company in its infancy, and have held a variety of roles since then – I started out as the Executive Assistant to our CEO, Nick Boyle as employee number nine, and I’ve supported the set up of many core functions across the business like IT, HR and Accounts. Now, in my role as Global Director of Marketing & Communications, I’m responsible for overseeing the growth of our brand, evolution of our narrative and supporting our reputation as a responsible solar developer.

My team supports every aspect of Lightsource bp across 18 countries, from product development, marketing strategy, internal communications and culture to customer service, and even after ten years I feel like I learn something new every day.

Lightsource bp’s ethos is all about innovation, which gives employees a huge amount of potential for growth and development, both professionally and personally. Even though the company has grown exponentially since I joined, we’ve kept our entrepreneurial spirit, and working for Lightsource bp you can be sure that everything you do matters – even the smallest tasks have a big impact.

I’ve seen the company grow from every aspect, and count myself lucky to have found a place to work where I’ve been able to write my own ticket, to carve my own role and be the architect of my own success. I’ve watched the business grow from strength to strength, and I’m so proud to have been a part of shaping the distinct voice we have today. In a company like Lightsource bp, where the potential growth is pretty much exponential, the sky really is the limit.

Liza Gray, Global Director of Marketing and Communications

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